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Woodstock Pizza Theater Reviews
  • Pizza Cheese Quality - 97%
  • Sauce Quality - 98%
  • Brick Oven Taste - 98%


The sad truth about ratings & reviews for establishments like what is this really good artisinal brick oven pizza yuminess maker in this colorful canvas of a town, Woodstock New York - is that most of the time, when a happy customer got what they paid for, they feel NO need to write a review and share... All the while, if there was a small problem - trust you will hear about it in a review.

I can tell when people I'm talking to prefer I shut my trap take my pizza and make haste - and so I did.

But, if I'm true to any one thing in this carnival of confusion and chaos which is our world - it is my mother-f#@$n WORD.

And so after satisfying my enquiries regarding why it is the pizza in my hometown (Brooklyn) is world renowned and quite frankly, so DAMN yummy & delicious, he made my day by delivering into my hungry clutches what I was pretending to be patient there waiting for...

Listen here Chef man, you think I'm gonna let your yummy pizzas stay under the radar like you've been?!?!

Na nah, I'll be having none of that.

"Now watch* as I put the world onto a doap new brick oven pizza place. Just remember not to ALL rush up here in a race, don't u ever fret - and always move at a pimp players pace" - Gillyroze®


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