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There is a certain belief among select people which bars them from talking about/gloating about philanthropic things which they do.

The proprietor of this establishment will never mention to you, nor would you ever find out (minus my write-up here), that large swaths of his monetary gains are utilized for the sponsorship/saving of animal lives. He does this quietly and does not seek recognition for it.

I mention this here because it is my firm opinion that people like David Markovitz of Masterpiece Diamonds LLC, SHOULD be recognized for their good deeds.

A purveyor of fine jewelry (his piece below) you can rest assured, if you choose to do business with Masterpiece – you are working with the BEST quality of people.

This is not a company whose owners care only about profiting from you – as too many unfortunately do – but they will put in effort to help you find/hone in on a piece which speaks to your fancy, one which you love.


If you are considering patronizing this business- know; you’d be dealing with very high quality people who (w/out seeking recognition) do excellent philanthropic things and are out for the general and collective good – not just their own.

I’m sorry if I “let the cat out the bag” so to speak, but it is my opinion that proper truths about people, establishments & even certain “things” should be recorded for posterity to know…and to use as examples for proper ways of living/being.