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Love Bites Cafe Reviews

Restaurant Name: Love Bites

Restaurant Description: A Classy Comfortable & All Around Excellent Eatery Located in The Lovely Town Of Saugerties, Upstate New York.


  • Mood/Ambience - 98%
  • Location (relative to other Saugerties eateries) - 99%
  • Comfort - 98%
  • Food Quality & Freshness - 99%
  • Staff Service & Friendliness - 99%


Was on the hunt for some grub when I told myself, "do not settle for just any place today"

I wanted something local as I was in a most beautiful gem of a town called Saugerties which is a scenic 10 minute drive from the town of Woodstock where I was operating.

I knew that if I put a little effort into it, I'd be able to find organic and locally sourced yumminess to eat.

So after asking around for a notable place - one that sources EVERYTHING from locals, I fell upon this Love Bites Cafe, very conveniently situated on the corner of a main drag in town.

When I entered I noticed, right off the bat, that the aura/ambience was one that spoke to me - it's quite "chill" actually...

Walls adorned with amazing art from locals.

I learned that this place ONLY sources their ingredients from cruelty-free farms and let me say, being the founder & director of a not-for-profit animal rescue, that's something which matters a lot to me.

I can say with personal knowledge that this here is one of Saugerties real gems.

My taste buds were pleased by the artisinal concoctions of who is a well renowned chef, a Chef Neils (you sir, are the man).

Like corned beef? try their one-of-a-kind Corned Beef Hash Bowl - truly superb!

Perhaps you're into a more focused cultural dish - well then, you cannot go wrong with the Filipino Beef Tapa. I thought I was in for some run of the mill dish when I ordered it but really it was superb.

This appetizer I had, the sweet and spicy cauliflower dish is really like nothing I've experienced before. More sweet than spicy (you wont hear me complain) it was truly a creative twist on what is normally a boring food - loved it.

Let it be known, Love Bites Cafe is here to please even the most discerning eater.

If you're gluten-free, vegan wtvr, you don't need to "settle" for something hidden on some corner of the menu - everything here is made with you in mind.

Come here to enjoy the friendly staff, the calming ambiance but MOST importantly - damn good grub.


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