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Sorry i dont approach in a more friendly manner… the way I see it, I’m trying to show you, with frivolous and blatant abuse, of what is “the current system” with the ratings & reviews etc, being flawed drastically, that maybe you’d be interested in contributing more time in helping us focus on “revamping” it – to be frank, nobody cares, is focused on, or otherwise gives a crap that it’s affecting businesses in a way that is too serious to allow improper manipulation or the lack of “policing” for.
But, I digress;
To me, nothing is more important than a person’s word, and so, as promised, I have removed said frivolous and blatantly manipulated reviews, after discussing it with you /Levi – who represents the place with utmost class & professionalism – and in return for your sharing awesome intel regarding how a system can be better.
all the best
P.S. I respect companies who stand firm on what is their “policies” (as stated to me by Levi – mgr there) or just their “ways”

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