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Goldshot Studio Pro Review

Place Name: Goldshot

Place Description: Masterful photography of jewelry my legend photographer.


  • Feature Quality - 100%
  • Technique [Unmatched] - 100%
  • Use Of Lighting - 100%
  • Staff Friendliness - 97%
  • Photographic Excellence - 100%


This here is establishment is for the absolute masterful photography of intricately detailed jewelry. A legend at the art.


Take your own jewelry photos? Have someone in-house who does this for you?

It’s very important to understand that bringing out the intricate details and fine details of your pieces is not something to take likely. After all, it is fine craftsmanship which goes into the pieces which you manufacturer, and it should be seen properly.

At Goldshot Studio (A Rozenblatt & Co. Holding) our photographer Yakov Rozenblatt is an absolute master at capturing the complex angles and “shots” which allows the details of fine jewelry to manifest themselves clearly in the images he captures.

Masterful at the art of lighting – proper use of is too often over-looked by many who claim professionalism.

With his work featured in many a museum worldwide, you’d be dealing with a craftsman who for 30 years has been behind the Jewelry/Diamond Districts most distinguished firms adverts (e.g. Oscar Heyman, LeVian & the like).

His work appears in too many publications to list here but Town & Country, Vogue & other top publications are among a few.

Schedule a time to discuss your project with him by selecting a 15 minute slot from the calendly link here >


Visit their website to see examples of work here >

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