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Overall I should say that this is a touchy subject but reality needs to be made clear to those who don't see it. We have people online who are holding proverbial loaded guns in the faces of business people demanding they pay.

And the guns they use are antiques.

Yelp, Google & the rest use this old 5 star system, which with it's simplicity may make sense to some.

But consider this:
Our philosophy is clear. The review system used by Yelp, Google and all the powerhouses online DO NOT DO A PROPER JOB of representing what it would be like to patronize any of the places they list. Confirmed by Dr. Jeremy Coplan, Professor & Head Of Psychiatry at Downstate University Hospital in NYC, in one of our articles titled “The Psychology Of Reviews” The intrinsic nature of human beings is a feeling of vengefulness when we are wronged, hence the motivation to go out and write a review.

But, what about ALL the happy customers who dont feel intrinsically motivated to do anything at all. Because their needs and expectations were met, no further action is sought, needed or deemed necessary by them.. Being that the out-dated and unjustly punishing yet universally used rating and review system today (with people mostly only writing internet reviews after having a negative experience), is not doing a proper job at giving a critical nor fair representation of what it would actually be like to patronize any of the establishments they list, it is imperative to take charge and be sure that potential consumers are aware of the benefit of working with you. And, not to leave this imperative aspect of your business in the hands of anybody, especially sophisticated thugs which are these review sites.

How do you go about this?

While rating and review sites are out trying to extort mom and pop stores (a-lot of which are just surviving) with negative reviews, why not direct (using our secret sauce tactics) your happy past customers to those sites and allow them their time and place to rant about the service they received.

Your front Google results page is YOUR BUSINESSES FRONT WINDOW!

Own it!

Start focusing your happy customers on your review sites today: Select from the options below (note is a web property belonging to WiserOps, INC.)