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In an unusual way – a painful one, I was given the chance to be in the presence of not just a holder of a medical degree, or of the professional title “”Doctor” but a truly wise and (in my opinion) Very sharp individual.

I care not to look up or to otherwise investigate the way this master of medicine attained his education, or from where he soaked the knowledge which I believe he has.

Many people who would call me their friend (some of-which I would in return) carry with them degrees from institutional learning places like Yale, Harvard (med/law) and the like but I dare say; not all of these people are actually smart. For this reason I say it matters not where this gentleman attained his education.

Destiny called for my left index finger to be sliced to the bone by a  kitchen knife whilst I was manufacturing an oil lamp – in-order for reality to invite me to meet Dmitry.

Ya know, there is a difference in people who suffer from what I call “inertia of thought”, and then those who are clever enough to catch on to this fact that each individual is different and should be treated and (maybe even) approached in that way.

I highly appreciated the “to the point” thorough, yet clear explanation of the proceedings which I was to undergo. This, being some pinches and such while someone (this Dmitry Volfson, MD) stitched my finger closed with the masterfulness and precision of a legend tailor.

Like, seriously, what came to mind is when a family member once told me about how his Bentley’s interior was “hand stitched in London” but I would dare not degrade the artful work of a fine doctor by comparing them to just some manufacturer of cars.

Anyway, you know what they say in France “C’est La Vie” and it’s true; it required my hand being opened up in-order to meet a fine craftsman – Dmitry Volfson, MD.



Dmitry Volfson, MD Review

Place Name: CityMD Midwood

Place Description: A quick & efficient purveyor of medical services, located @ 1305 Kings Highway, Brooklyn N.Y. 11229


  • Explanatory Thoroughness - 99%
  • Professional Acumen - 100%
  • Competency As A Doctor - 100%
  • Friendliness - 99%


Just an all around good guy who stitched up my hand.